Fun Coaster Facts

This page is just some extra information about roller coasters. I will add more as we build this website. You can send me your fun stuff, too.

Giga Coaster

Started at Cedar Point to describe full circuit roller coasters that are over 300 feet high, like Millennium Force at Cedar Point and Expedition GeForce in Germany.

LIM (Linear Induction Motor)

A magnetic motor used to launch a roller coaster train along or up a section of steel track, like Flight of Fear at Kings Island. LSM (Linear Synchronous Motors) are the same idea, but the technology used to propel the train is different.

Traveling Coaster 

A coaster that can be taken apart and moved. They are usually found at carnivals. Olympia Looping in Germany is the largest, with 5 loops.

Longest Wooden Coaster

The longest wooden coaster is Beast at Kings Island.

First Flip Wooden Coaster

There is only one wooden flip coaster that I know. It is Son of Beast at Kings Island.

Fourth Dimension Coaster

A fourth dimension coaster is designed each individual car moves independently flip on a horizontal axis. An example is the X roller coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

* An asterisk means i have ridden this roller coaster.